Saturday, 19 December 2015

LIVE: White Noise Festival

My second White Noise Festival experience started off with Logfox at Firebug and then shortly after, Haiku Salut at The Cookie. Their experimental and completely instrumental style, besides the occasional 'Ooh' here and there, was completed with a variety of different instruments including drums, synthesizers and an accordion. A few days after I saw them, I found out that they had actually been named 4th place in Drowned In Sound's 50 Favourite UK Albums of 2015. Check that out here: 

Day 2 started off started off with a lot of different of emotions for T E Morris. The Her Name Is Calla front-man's White Noise appearance would be his penultimate gig as a solo artist. His voice echoed throughout Bishop Street Church, which acted as a venue for the festival, and accompanied the melancholy sounding guitar.The Lunchtime Sardine Club reminded me of Everything Everything at times with their vocals and their use of audio recordings between songs was quite unusual however, it does seem to be quite popular these days.

When I first attended White Noise in 2013, I had seen Elizabeth Cornish and I was delighted to find she would be playing again. After enjoying his set at Handmade Festival, I was excited to see Peter Wyeth again. His use of audio that features his children's voices and birdsong, is very clever, effective and sometimes quite eerie. The Daydream Club were definitely one of my favourites of the weekend. I saw them last year at De Montfort Hall and it was fantastic, so hearing the same songs but in a completely different environment was unusual but special. Both Adam and Paula are extremely talented musicians and I was most impressed with 'On The Move' and Adam's style of guitar playing.

I made my way to The Cookie in time for We Three And The Death Rattle, and I was very glad I caught them. They combined bluesy riffs with full throttle alt-rock, most evident in songs like 'Straight Rounds'. Their frontman told the crowd that they had free t-shirts at the back of the stage and until the end of their set when he got a box out and let people take whatever they wanted, I thought he was joking, but thanks for my free t-shirts, vinyl and a CD!

My favourite act of the weekend by far was Her Name Is Calla. For some reason, their performance was moved from the church to The Cookie, but this then allowed them to play a heavier set. Although I messaged Tom and Adam from the band, my endless request for them to play 'Maw' was kindly declined but I will hopefully hear it live one day! Opening with 'Meridian Arc' from their most recent release 'Navigator', the set was already off to a fantastic start. I hadn't seen Tiernan (bass) perform with the band before, and I noticed a whole new style being brought to the live shows as he was really into the music and moving around the stage - note: I'm not saying the other members aren't into the music! Their new song, described as their "emo song", 'Dead Rift' was absolutely fantastic and completely different to epic set closer 'The Union', which is from earlier in their career. It's way more upbeat and it has got me very excited for 'Animal Choir'.

Check out a playlist I made featuring all the artists I saw: